This is the reason I joined Empower Network.

I have always wanted to learn and user Internet Marketing. However, I was always waiting for my own product. To me, having my own product, made a lot of sense. Ownership of something is where the passion comes from for me. I want to really have my heart behind something I sell. Well CocoMutts was the epiphany.

It happened about a year ago when I met a good brother at an annual hippie retreat up in the mountains of Virginia near the Kentucky border. Well, one morning as he was serving me and m’lady an excellent espresso he started telling me about his invention. Immediately I understood the product and its potential. And that my reader, is a very good sign.

In addition, the product was super simple and composed of only two natural materials. It is simply a coconut and and a rope. And just like that one has a fantastic, healthy, playful, floating, outdoor dog toy. A toy that will clean teeth, give your dog a shinier and healthier coat and be totally harmless, biodegradable, and delicious.

So now I have taken upon myself to bring him out of hiding and living along the beaches of Florida, and instead bring him to the light of Internet Marketing and make his product go Nationwide. However, in order to do that I would need to learn this “Internet Marketing.” And learn I would!

Well, after a few dips, clicks, swipes, and searches I came to a mass of expertly written funnel pages, methods, and systems. It made my head swirl. But then I came upon Empower Network and the pieces fell together. This team has the talent, the system and the tools to market. And so I took the plunge and all ready am reaping the rewards of knowledge.

If you want to learn to Internet Market, this company is the company. Well, at least it is for me. And as they say in the Internet, “Your mileage may vary.”

Cheers and blessings


Boo the TSA and what is their value?


Please, I just went through the Thanksgiving Gauntlet. So, this is still fresh in my mind and unfortunately my body, heart, spirit and cash. Let me just go down on record and say that the TSA is an abomination of our taxpayers money. What is it that they are protecting?

All I can see is that it is a different kind of welfare/workfare to employ more government workers with a badge to lord over us. This is propaganda and theatre. And with all their XRay Boondoggle Perv devices, they are performing population control with a slow kill.

Come on people… a solid locked steel door on the cockpit is all we need. Heck through in a nice firearm with a small door opening to shoot. This would do. And it would be cheaper and would make me want to fly.

Now however, I don’t want to fly, and they have completely taken the spirit, excitement and freedom out of it. Yes.. they took the freedom out. And that means the damn terrorists have won. We became less free, and taxed more when that was what we were supposed to be fighting for.

I am tired people. I am tired of being afraid and I am definitely tired of more “annointed” people with a badge to order me around. This is tyranny in a slow drip form. And I don’t like it. You do? You feel safer? Really? One little bomb in the middle of a long TSA line would do enough to shut down airports forever.

No. We need freedom, we need strength and we need boldness. We don’t need no more stinking badges.


Anyone know a lawyer?



I am pissed. And it all started trying to do the right thing and take my son out with the Boy Scouts to a great event. We had our date with destiny at Medieval Times. Yes we were to go back in time to that great period where torture and painful death were the morning cartoons.

We had jumped into our modern, gas driven, carriage to take the easy road out to the castle. We knew that we would have to give money to the Trolls, or, Tolls, or – heck what is the difference?

Our first encounter with the first Troll, I mean Toll, was a breeze. I simply directed the carriage to the cash path and after a bit of a line, was able to give the Troll/Toll some paper of the kingdom. The wench lazily accepted my gift and even gave me a few coins of the kingdom back. No hassle, no mess and we were on our way. Next up was the Schaumburg Forest were the Castle was located.

But before we could enter the forest, we had to pass one more Troll, I mean toll. However, this troll was awfully confusing. Instead of a spinster wench, we were encountered by some Alchemy and hallucinations. What was going on here? Where was I and did I suddenly transport myself to an alien planet? There was no one there.

Suddenly it was my turn to engage with this dragon monstrosity. And it had a particular taste. It would only take the coins of the kingdom. It would not accept the paper of the kingdom. But my coins were all gone! What was I to do?

What was this monstrosity trying to tell me? Was the paper of the kingdom no longer good enough for this mechanical troll? Was the king phasing out paper!? How could that be… paper is much easier than coins for the king to produce.

Well since I had no coins, I had to duck, and quickly accelerate my carriage through the gate. What would happen next? I don’t know but I have a sneaky suspicion that I would soon hear the revenue collectors of the king to come knocking on my door.

Well, we eventually arrived at the castle and had an extraordinarily good time. The King was very liberal and gave us great food, grog, and entertainment.

After the evening was over, I had a chance to review. So I went to look closely at the paper of the kingdom and sure enough it said: “Good for ALL debts, public and private!” But it wasn’t. That is a lie. At least the Illinois Trollway doesn’t think so.

So I have to ask, “Is there a lawyer in the house that will represent me to enforce the king’s law of “Good for ALL debts, public and private?”

If you are out there, please do help this lowly peasant.

Cheers from the land

Need more coins or paper of the kingdom? Then click on the right!


Israel vs. ?


Well there they all go again. What is it about the modern mideast where everyone has a lust for death? What happened to life? Is the whole Mideast just experiencing a bout of deathlust?

Now I certainly don’t want to pick a side, because, all sides seem totally armed and itching to fire. Well I guess I can’t blame either side. One needs freedom, one needs hate, one needs love, one needs resources, one needs their own kind, one needs to control.. something!

I mean if Israel needs more land resources.. i.e, oil and water, they should be able to attack anyone. Of course, I only say that if they leave us out of it. I mean, as far as I can remember throughout all my history classes, is that wars for resources is as old as man! Granted their have been so called “religious” wars, but even those wars could be distilled down to a land/resource or gold grab. My how we love our gold!

Speaking of gold, I have two things for you to do to protect and to earn some gold! Ok, earning gold is a bit harder as it is now like printed money or conjured digits on a screen. Gold needs to be mined!

However, there are plenty of ways to earn it and one of those ways is to write about it here! That is correct,just click the ad on the write and learn all about it.

Otherwise, if you want a good place to purchase and store gold, I highly recommend the following company. They are reputable, have been giving me outstanding service and also get you the best prices too! Granted, you will have to go through some hoops to prove who you are, but after that it is easy as pie.

So what is this company you ask? Well I am glad you did, it is called:

Bullion Vault

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Rehypothecate ZeroHedge!


This is utterly brilliant! It sort of wraps around itself in a mobius strip of self reflection. Right now it is just an inspiration of an idea. How to make money off my love of all that is finance and ponzi economics? Then boom I discovered this network marketing company and it all came together.

Find the best of ZeroHedge, DailyBail, etc. and bring it to the masses. Yes, if you are reading this and think you know all these sites… well then congratulate yourself as one of the awakened. But trust me, if you are the 1% who is awake, I still have six billion to wake up.

Anyway, if you find this fun, humorous or wacky.. fine, just pass it on or try it yourself. If you like to blog and can do it everyday, do it. Click a link and try it. And knowing all the regulars over at ZeroHedge and how often they comment… should be a piece of cake.


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